The ability to adapt to market needs makes us increasingly competitive, and pushes us to a culture and tools that offer a high level of collaboration, sharing, and better results.


Ease of management

Time reduction

Cost reduction


Managing and developing innovative and complex projects with the AGILE methodology gives more value to people, collaboration and change, bringing a reduction of costs and efficiency of development time, and respect for customer needs.


With no more isolated roles, but mixing development teams (Dev) and operations (Ops) by combining processes and technology improves the reliability of the solutions and the reduction of development times.


We live in a world of data: in order to make the best use of them, it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of them and a new business model for management and analysis (Big Data, Open Data, Analytics, …).


IT services management helps organizations grow with the design, supply, management and improvement of the IT services that an organization provides to its end users.

Data and process migration to the cloud

Leave your IT system to move to new and more functional infrastructures with all the advantages that derive from it, allowing you to achieve the best ratio between performance and costs.

Hyperconverged IT infrastructures

Modernize and digitally transform data centers: servers, storage and integration sw converge into a single object managed by a single program.

Success story: ITMS


In 2012, a contract was signed with a Public Administration body for the assignment of the Systems Management Services and Application Assistance of the Information System. The supply consists of the provision of services aimed at ensuring the full operation of the technological infrastructure of the Information System, maintaining its perfect efficiency and constant alignment with the technological evolution of the ICT market, defining its growth in line with the objectives strategic aspects of the Public Administration and also to guarantee users the availability and performance of the applications and the integrity of the related data. The supply provides assistance dedicated to end users, starting from a Call Center supporting the use of applications and the management of identification, authentication and authorization services.


Based on ITILV3 (a best practices framework for the management of IT services) and on the many years of experience of our resources specialized in quality management systems and related audits (UNI EN ISO standard standards), we have designed a solution in 7 specific services coordinated with a cross Governance process: Single Point of Contact (SPOC) services; Identification, Authentication and Authorization (IAA) services; Presiding services for the offices of the Court, Public Prosecutors, Judges of Peace, Courts of Appeal and General Prosecutors; Management and administration services for Data Centers and Networks; Services for managing the workstations of users of the judicial offices; Application assistance services used at the Judicial Offices; On-demand services tailored to specific customer needs. The solutions for the process management, service delivery and IT Management are based on platforms created by CA Technologies, Daman and Symantec.